LED電球は本当に節約できるのか? LED light bulbs reduces your living cost most ?



I would like to share the note that I have sent to my customer to show wether the LED lights are really efficient and reduce the cost of living ?  Yes! you can reduce the cost.  Here is the details.


Let’s compare LED and normal light bulbs useage like following. Let’s say you have living room with 6 light bulbs that you are using and everyday you use 7 hours.

<LED電球の場合・LED calculation ></led>

10.6Watt * 6LED light bulbs * 7hours * 25yen(per 1Kwh) = 11.13 yen per day

1 month = 334 yen

1 year = 4,006 yen

<normal light=”” bulbs=””></normal>

60Watt * 6 light bulbs * 7 hours * 25yen ( per 1Kwh) = 63 yen per day

1 month = 1,890yen

1 year = 22,680yen

Ok, now the big question is when would be the breakeven point on this.  Here is the answer.

ex, one LED light bulbs cost 2500yen.  one normal light bulbs cost 300yen. This is still talking about useage of 6 lights for 7 hours per day.  Normal light bulb’s life cycle is shorter than LED, so let’s pretend you replace to the new once before the breakeven because normal light bulbs last about 2000 hours.

( 6 * 2500yen ) + ( X # of days * 11.13yen ) = ( 12 * 300yen ) + ( X # of days * 63 yen )

X = 219 days

Maybe you dont use 7 hours per day, but it seems like you can break even within a year easily : )





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